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Disneyland - Small World
It’s a Small World

(Hey everyone, my friend Adrienne is up to her tricks again. This time she wanted to let you in on some interesting secrets about Disneyland. And who am I to argue. I love Disneyland.)

Enter Adrienne

When you grow up in Los Angeles, visiting D-land at least once a year, there’s an extraordinary amount of Disneyland lore that passes from kid to kid.  Secrets we hoped were true, but even if they weren’t, it was fun to think so!  Thanks to the amazing advances in “fact checking,” I can now disseminate this information to you with far more accuracy.

Perfect Little Creature (Olvera St.)
Who’s Ready to Party?

It’s time to stock up on tequila and brush off my luchador skills. Cinco de Mayo is here. Finally! Ever since I started learning spanish, I’ve been trying to live my life in spanish and Cinco de Mayo provides another wonderful opportunity to utilize my burgeoning linguistic abilities.

Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich (Photo: Adrienne Lusby)

It’s no secret. I love to eat. In fact, one of the things I most enjoy about travel is the opportunity to eat local food. And it’s no different when I’m in my hometown of Los Angeles. So, what did I do over President’s Day weekend? I ate. A lot.

Warning: This post is liable to make you very hungry. If up close, in-your-face photos of delicious foods cause you to salivate uncontrollably then you just might better stop reading now or else…

Jeremy Swan working on my arm

For years, I was the kind of guy who could never decide what kind of tattoo to get. Then my buddy G. got an amazing sleeve and I decided on the spot that I needed that artist, the inimitable Jeremy Swan, to hook me up with a sick piece. After deciding on a ¾ sleeve I let Swan work his magic. That was just

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I have an insatiable wanderlust which takes me to some crazy places where I try strange foods, pretend I'm a local and talk with elephants. Keep reading...

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