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Shinjuku Sidestreet Bar

American Airlines is running an awesome promotion.  50,000 miles round trip in Business Class from San Francisco to Tokyo. That’s 50% off the normal rate!!!

Since Japan is my favorite country, I guarantee you I’ll be taking advantage of this incredible discount.

Neko Cafe, Ueno, Tokyo
Neko Cafe Ueno Tokyo

I’m sure you’ve heard of the maid cafes in Japan. But did you know they also have cat cafes? Yes, Japanese people and some American tourists (I’m not naming names here) like to go to cafes where they can feed, pet and play with cats. Now, I’m talking normal stuff here. Not some bizarro otaku, anime, cat-woman fantasies. These are adorable cats. Fancy-ass cats like purebred Russian Blues and Siamese and what-not, but normal cats nevertheless.

Keg on a bike
Shinjuku on a Rainy Night

Japan is by far one of my favorite places in the world. The recent tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster forced the cancellation of a motorcycle trip I’d signed up for in southern Japan earlier this year.  Since then, I’ve thought greatly about  the tremendous generosity and hospitality of the Japanese people I experienced on my visits there and what an incredible toll these disasters have taken on them.

Kyoto Castle Wall
Kyoto Castle Wall

My next post was going to be Vienna part 2. But in light of the recent tragic events in Japan, I have decided to put that post on hold until later this week.

I have visited Japan many times and always can’t wait to return. In fact, I have a motorcycle trip through the southern part of Japan planned for March 27th. (Whether that will happen now or not, remains to be seen).

Insane Hair
Awesome Hairstyles

Day 3 – Shop ‘til You Drop, But Don’t Miss Your Flight

8 am – Harajuku. Mention Harajuku and people instantly think of harajuku girls and Gwen Stefani’s song which introduced them to the world. Well today you will have the option of getting photos of the girls who dress in all the outrageous clothing, before you check out the freshest fashions Tokyo has to offer. The best day to see

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