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Madrid Gay Pride (Photo: Stuart Baur)
Madrid Gay Pride (Photo: Stuart Baur)

(As a straight guy from Los Angeles, the only Gay Pride Parade I’d ever seen was the elaborate one put on in West Hollywood every year.  I had no idea there were parades like this outside of the U.S.  However, my friend and fellow writer, Stuart Baur had the pleasure of attending an amazing event in Madrid, Spain and was generous enough to write a guest post about it.)

Here’s Stuart:

Whether you plan a trip to Madrid for “Orgullo Gay” or just happen to be visiting on the first weekend of July, you must take the opportunity to party with the city. Even though the event is inspired by New York’s Stonewall Riots and the decades of American pride events that have followed, the Spanish have amped it up into an epic outpouring of festive spirit.

Gediminas Tower
Gediminas Tower

Tickets purchased. Bag packed. Stomach empty. I was ready to eat Lithuanian food, hang out with old friends and speak Lithuanian to anyone willing to listen, including some French tourists who I mistakenly assumed were Lithuanian. All was right when they heard me say “Frank Zappa” as they too were on a quest to find the Frank Zappa bust in Vilnius. What better symbol of freedom and democracy than a bust of the late, great Frank Zappa?

Lithuanian Appetizer
Beer Anyone?

A classic Lithuanian appetizer that pairs perfectly with beer: Hot smoked pig ears, deep fried chicken gizzards and celery crisps. Could hardly wait for the main course, which in this case was cold beet soup (saltibarsciai) and potato kugel (kugelis). Mmmmmm!!!!!

After 24 hours of travel to get back from Lithuania, I’m exhausted. However, next week I will write a lot more about the food, the castles, the old-town and my wonderful friends who were such gracious hosts.


That's Where the Barn Was
My Dad Pointing to Where the Old Barn Was

I know, I know. I promised a post about how to choose the frequent flyer program that is right for you. Well, I wrote that post, but I’m going to Lithuania tomorrow, so I will post part 3 of The Beginner’s Guide to Travel next monday. Until then, I hope you enjoy this post about my next travel trip.

Tomorrow, I fly with my girlfriend to Vilnius, Lithuania. I know, you’re thinking why not Paris, or the Carribbean or at least Hawaii!? Well, if you haven’t noticed I am Lithuanian-American. Born and raised in Los Angeles. First generation. Both of my parents were Lithuanian.

Grote Markt, Haarlem, Netherlands
St. Bravo Church in Grote Markt

(The following is a guest post about the incredible shopping in Haarlem, Netherlands from the inimitable Adrienne Lusby, one of my all-time favorite people. I’m sure you’ll like her too.)

Enter Adrienne

Being a photography addict, Algis vehemently protested writing about this charming city in the Netherlands until such a time that we could go back for a plethora of amazing photos. I thought the one below was pretty good.

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