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Serengeti Safari

I landed in Dar-es-Salaam after a great flight on Emirates where I actually met a Lithuanian flight attendant. We had a brief chat in Lithuanian after which she very generously hooked me up with an outstanding cheese plate from first class. I keep telling everyone, it pays to

Venetian Windows

The allure of Venice is legendary. It’s been a famous travel destination for centuries. When you think about Venice, you might imagine Piazza San Marco to be breathtaking, the food to be orgasmic, the women gorgeous, the men handsome, the winding alleyways romantic, and the city


Last week I took a quick trip to New Mexico and sequestered myself in a secret laboratory to learn the latest and greatest techniques of iPhone photography. Although I am not yet a master, I studied with a master. His techniques were dubious and devious and devastating. I quickly learned to be ruthlessly efficient and

NIght Train to Vienna
Night Train to Vienna (Photo: Adrienne Lusby)

Ahhhh, Vienna. The opera, the Ringstrasse, the kasekrainer, the love fest.

After a walk down memory lane and some crazy dreams on the night train from Venice, I emerge into the bright crisp air of Wien Huetteldorf train station in Vienna, Austria. That’s when I remember I don’t speak German. I quickly scan my memory banks

The shoes that started it all!!!

I’ve always kinda, sorta, but not really wanted to run a marathon. I much prefer picking up heavy things (me, dead-lifting 400lbs) and impersonating Hulk Hogan. However, running a marathon is one of those things that’s been sitting around on my bucket list for a long time. Mostly because I hate running!

Unless I’m

Hi, I’m Algis


I have an insatiable wanderlust which takes me to some crazy places where I try strange foods, pretend I'm a local and talk with elephants. Keep reading...

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