My Top 5 Places to Eat at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 2 Comments

Blow My Horn, Pike Place, Seattle
Street Musicians

I know Pike Place seems like a total tourist destination, and it is, but I just can’t help myself, I love going there. Heaps of food stalls, great street musicians and fantastic people-watching (folks in Seattle dress weird and love tattoos and piercings). What more do you need? Don’t skip this place. If you must skip something, skip the Space Needle. It’s fucking boring and they charge you $18 bucks! If you insist on an amazing view, go to the Bank of America Tower instead. It’s a quarter of the price, almost twice the height of the Space Needle and has the best view in Seattle.

It’s no secret I think Pike Place Market is a cool spot.  In my visits to Pike Place, I’ve tried heaps of food at tons of places. Many are ok, some are good, but these 5 are on my must eat list:

1.) Mee Sum Pastries –  As soon as I board the plane I’m already thinking about the hum bao here. I always go with the pork-filled baked ones. That’s the money choice. Delicious and easy to eat while strolling the market or making my way down to the ferries. I’m gonna need to eat there at least twice while I’m in Seattle. Don’t be thrown off by the surly service. Dirty looks and general irritation is part of their charm.  Get your hum bao and move along, you’re not here to make friends.

2.) Le Panier - After your done taking your photo in front of the original Starbucks, head over to Le Panier and have a real cup of coffee. Waaaay better than Starbucks, plus they have awesome french pastries as well. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate croissants? When I meet that person I will punch them in the face. The croissants aux fruits are not to be missed either.

Original Starbucks, Pike Place, Seattle
The Original Starbucks

3.) The doughnuts at Daily Dozen Doughnuts are a hit with kids and grown-ups alike. They’re no Voodoo, but they are fresh and delicious.

4.) Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – It’s fun to watch them make the cheese while enjoying an incredible pressed panini and some earth shakingly good mac ‘n cheese. Even Oprah loves their mac ‘n cheese and she’s huge… on tv. Do not come to Pike Place when you’re not hungry. There is just too much good food to enjoy.

Cheese Making, Pike Place

5.) Cafe Yarmarka – This is an old school place, with old school service. Meaning it might remind you of the kind of service you’re likely to receive in Russia. Don’t let that turn you off. The food here is the real deal. I should know, I’m Lithuanian. I grew up on this stuff. Try the beet salad, the bacon and sauteed onions combo and either the pelmeni or the cabbage rolls. What am I saying? Don’t limit yourself. Go crazy. Bring a friend so you can share and taste more of this Russian food.

Pike Place Public Market

Okay I’m hungry now. Time to find some great food in Atwater. Don’t worry I will write about that soon for all of you getting ready to visit LA.

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  1. I now have an uncontrollable craving for a chocolate croissant and coffee. I can’t make it to Seattle, but I need a trip to the Village Bakery soon!

  2. My other suggestion for the Pike is to go to the lower levels. Some very cool shops and WAY fewer people. I was there on a Saturday in June, super busy. Looking forward to going back on a Tuesday in September when it’s less crowded.

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