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Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 - 2 Comments

I’ve recently made some changes around here and I certainly hope you like them. Some of the changes have been gradual and some just happened this morning. Regardless, here’s the quick tour:

Obviously, the whole format looks a bit different and is intended to load faster and create a much more pleasant reading experience.

Then there’s the new Facebook section where you can “like” Travel or Die. If you’ve enjoyed the articles here please scroll down and look on the right and “like” the website. This site runs on passion and when someone tells me they dig it, either in person or via the interwebs, I really appreciate it.

Also, there’s a spiffy new most popular posts plug-in that will show you, well, what people have been reading the most. I hope that helps new people find important stuff faster.

My good friend, webmaster and resistance flexibility trainer Luther Cowden was instrumental in making it all happen. Thank you, Luther!

There will be a few more new additions soon as well. I won’t ruin the surprise by talking about them now, but you can look forward to some more changes.

Thanks everyone, for reading and contributing thoughtful comments.

Happy Travels,


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  1. Cool redesign, Algis!

    1. Thanks, Em! Trying to make things easier to read and better looking.

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