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Helsinki Airport on my way to Lithuania (Photo: Adrienne Lusby)

People often ask me why I travel so much. I don’t usually ask them why they stay home so much.  I mean, there are so many places to see and experience, I can’t imagine NOT traveling.  But when you decide to travel around the world, folks want to know why.

I travel because I refuse to believe that the life I was born into, the consciousness I achieved by sheer chance, is the only life I am supposed to live. I am fascinated by the idea of a life in a far and distant land that is completely different and possibly unknowable by just living in the place and situation where I was born.

I’ve always been a bit restless. Travel soothes my soul.

I’ve had friends assume that the reason I travel all over the world is because I’m running away from something. For many people, travel just seems… well, strange.  Sure, I could argue that staying home and watching tv every night is the ultimate form of running away from reality.  It’s an obvious escape, but an accepted one. The only problem with that is you don’t actually get to GO anywhere.

I like the adventure. I like being in a new place where I’m slightly off balance and have to think and adjust. I’m not saying being a homebody is a bad thing. I love my home life too. Have you seen my girlfriend? She’s hot. Of course, I’m often able to convince her to go with me, which makes any trip that much better.

Often the people that are the most judgmental about travel are those that aren’t doing anything interesting.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to travel.  People have all kinds of passions.  Some take them far from home and some don’t.  But those who sit on the sidelines judging everyone else to avoid the empty gaps in their own lives are truly the ones missing out. Because, it’s not just about the travel, it’s about choosing how you want to live your life and actually doing it.

Travel is my passion, my art. What’s yours? Do you play music? Do you write? Do you have a garden? Are you an avid cyclist? Do you make the best barbecue sauce ever? Are you attempting every recipe in Fergus Henderson’s masterful cookbook “The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating”? Do you have the worlds largest eraser collection? Do you sculpt potatoes into the faces of US Presidents? THAT would be cool.  To each their own, I say.

Those who think I’m crazy for traveling all over, might not believe that I got a whole back tattoo without even knowing what it was going to be.  Okay, maybe I AM crazy.  But what’s life without a little mystery?  A little adventure?  Whether it’s getting a tattoo or hiking the Himalayas?


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