Maid Cafe? No, Cat Cafe!

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 1 Comment
Neko Cafe, Ueno, Tokyo
Neko Cafe Ueno Tokyo

I’m sure you’ve heard of the maid cafes in Japan. But did you know they also have cat cafes? Yes, Japanese people and some American tourists (I’m not naming names here) like to go to cafes where they can feed, pet and play with cats. Now, I’m talking normal stuff here. Not some bizarro otaku, anime, cat-woman fantasies. These are adorable cats. Fancy-ass cats like purebred Russian Blues and Siamese and what-not, but normal cats nevertheless.

Apparently many Japanese rental apartments do not allow pets, so young people who can’t yet afford a condo or house simply cannot own a pet. The cat cafes (and dog cafes) have thus found an interesting niche and are enormously popular.

For about $6-10 an hour you can go in one of these spots and enjoy the company of some mostly spoiled, somewhat indifferent cats, while you have a nice green tea latte or double espresso. I did just that when I was in Japan in ’09 and here are the photos to prove it.

A pensive cat
A Pensive Cat
Unusual Resting Style Cat
Crazy Ears
Watch You Talkin' Bout Willis?
I’m Intense
Cat Petting, Ueno Cat Cafe
Another Cat

Did I mention I think cats are cool?

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  1. What a fun cafe! Smarty and I are both getting old and he is aging more gracefully. Both doing fine – love your photographs. You have real talent. Riley is all grown up and so very pretty. Ehh is This font so small? Can’t see what I’ve written. Much love, jth

    P.S. I’m taking Cuddles, Janie, and Smarty with me.

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