Miles for Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many of you are probably planning on buying your Mom a gift. I hope! This is just a quick note to explain how easy it can be to rack up extra miles in your frequent flier account.

Lots of airlines run bonus miles offers to give you incentive to buy from their malls or their partners. Here are some examples that I’ve seen recently:

American Airlines is offering 30 miles per dollar spent at That means if you spend $100 on your Mom, you’ll get 3,000 American Airlines miles. Heck, you might want to get something for your Wife, your Grandma, your neighbor’s Mom, your pet goldfish. Well, you get the idea. Just enter promotion code A42 and mention your Aadvantage number at checkout. In case your Mom has an aversion to flowers, you can always get her popcorn or a gift basket instead.

Us Airways has a promotion called “Turn Spring Shopping into Summer Vacation.” They will double the miles earned (up to 12,500) on all transactions between April 25th and June 15th. No registration is necessary. Just shop through their Dividend Miles Shopping Mall. And, of course, make sure you first sign up for a US Airways frequent flier account (free). Could be a great time to buy that MacBook you’ve been wanting.

In addition to the above offers, American Airlines is running a cool promotion in honor of their 30th Anniversary. It’s called: “30 Days. 30 Deals. Don’t Miss The Party.” It runs from April 18th thru May 27th and there are lots of ways to earn extra miles. I’m sure if you look, you can find something in there that will earn extra miles for you.


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