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Kyoto Temple Buckets

It’s going to be an exciting week. I’m in a super secret location in New Mexico attending an iPhone photography workshop. I’m already a big fan of using my iPhone for travel photos and have started using a bunch of new photography apps.

Until next week, I’m going to leave you with a few iPhone photo apps I like and some iPhone photos.

The apps:

Hipstamatic – A fun way to give your photos an analog look. It replicates the look of plastic toy cameras and is a blast to use. There is nothing to learn. Just use the app and funkify your photos.

ProCamera – This app won the Gizmodo Photo App Gold Medal for good reason. It’s full of useful features including: anti-shake, rapid shooting and my favorite, tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo. The list of features is looooong and powerful. Even Gandalf would be impressed.

Bad-Camera – Scratches, spots, color tones, frames. This camera will jack up your photos in a way you will like. Keep moving.  Nothing to see here. It’s the imperfections that make it look good. Oh, and Cats!!!

The photos:

Not My Stop (Hipstamatic)

The Observer and the Observed (Standard iPhone camera)

The Joys of Ice Cream (As seen in 4 Quick Tips For Taking Better Travel Photos)

That’s all folks…

(More iPhone photos to come soon)

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