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Bangkok Sunset

One thing I love about travel is that it can be pretty much anything you want it to be. You can use your vacation time to learn something new, improve at something you already do or just indulge. It’s fun thinking about all the possibilities. Here are some creative travel ideas that might inspire you to take your own adventure:

Food Lovers: Learn to cook Thai food in Chiang Mai, French food in Lyon, or Italian food in Florence.

Drink Lovers: Go scotch tasting in Scotland, Sake tasting in Japan, or wine tasting in France.

Fighters/Martial Artists: Study Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Muay Thai in Phuket (I’ve been here and here. Both are good!), Kung Fu in China or Karate in Japan.

Nature Lovers: Climb a rock in Yosemite, attend one of the many cherry blossom festivals in Japan, or visit the beautiful tulip fields of Holland.

Skiing Anyone?

Endurance Athletes: Hike from pub to pub in the Scottish Highlands, cycle France/Italy or x-country ski Norway.

Adventurers: Learn to surf at Australia’s Noosa Beach, rent a boat and float down the Amazon River in South America or work as a ranch hand in Wyoming/Queensland.

Musicians: Spend a summer at Musicians Institute in Hollywood or Hokkaido, go to a National Guitar Summer Workshop or just move to LA for a few months and take lessons at The Silverlake Conservatory of Music, which is founded by Flea of Chili Peppers fame.

Artistic Types: Study calligraphy/flower arranging/bonsai growing in Kyoto, travel writing in France with Rolf Potts, or oil painting in the Netherlands.


Adrenaline Junkies: Rent a car in Berlin and drive the autobahn, bungee jump or whitewater raft in New Zealand or if you are seriously hardcore, attend one of Lyle Sankey’s Rodeo Schools located throughout the USA.

Aspiring Yogis/Ascetics/Minimalists: Live in a monastery in Tibet, study yoga in Varanasi, or renounce your possessions like Siddhartha (and me) and do as you please.

History Buffs: Study Shakespeare at Oxford, apprentice with a blacksmith in Sweden, or attend a Viking wedding ceremony in Norway.

Photographers: Attend a Santa Fe photographic workshop in Santa Fe (like I did) or look for photography workshops worldwide (FYI – Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has those too).

Linguists: Move to a country where people speak your target language and choose any activity you like and interact with the locals.


Animal Lovers: Work on a farm in New Zealand raising and shearing sheep, go on a safari in Tanzania, or go to Borneo and help Birute Galdikas with her orangutan research.

Fitness Freaks: Go to Mountain View, California and train at Catalyst Athletics with Greg and Aimee Everett (like I did), do a bicycling tour of Tuscany, or attend a bikini bootcamp in Tulum, Mexico.

Volunteers/Humanitarians: Volunteer at an orphanage in Africa, do a build in Mongolia with Habitat for Humanity, or join the Peace Corps.

Sports Fanatics: Travel to Italy for the Formula 1 events, go to the next World Cup or Olympics (Winter or Summer), or attend a Baseball game in another country.

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