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Are you getting a bunch of airline miles when you do your shopping? You should be. There are many ways to earn frequent flyer miles without actually flying. Three immediately come to mind: Mileage cards, airline dining programs and airline mileage shopping malls.

Most major airlines (American, United, US Airways, Delta, Continental, etc…) and even some smaller ones (Hawaiian Airlines) have mileage shopping malls. All you have to do is sign up. It doesn’t cost you anything. Remember, you need to first be signed up for that airlines mileage program which is free also and only takes a few minutes. However, you should only do this if you are interested in earning free flights.

Then when you’re ready to make that big purchase (MacBook Air anyone?!), you just go to the airlines shopping portal and find stores that sell it and see how many bonus miles they are offering. The malls contain tons of online retailers. A quick perusal of American Airlines eShopping Mall reveals some very popular brands ranging from Nordstrom, Apple, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, to REI. Most companies offer 3 miles per dollar spent but some are more generous: Eddie Bauer 6 miles per dollar spent, GNC 8 miles per dollar spent, Rosetta Stone 8 miles per dollar spent, ValueMags 23 miles per dollar spent are just a few examples.

Also, any given retailer may be associated with various airlines and offer differing amounts of miles spent depending on the airline mileage program. It pays to check each mileage shopping mall unless you are just focusing on one airline program then just make your decision based on that.

These miles can add up very quickly. I’m about to buy myself a new MacBook Air as I’ve been lusting after it ever since a friend showed me theirs. Anyhow, (via AA eShopping Mall) is offering 3 miles per dollar and the computer prices out at about $1500 so I will receive 4,500 miles. Add the 1,500 miles I will get from using my airline miles card and I will gain 6,000 miles in one easy transaction. I’m buying something I was going to buy anyway, so why not get miles for it? I can think of no good reason. You can do this with any big ticket items (computer, tv, camera, video camera, etc…) or things that you buy monthly. A friend of mine spends about $200 per month on vitamins and supplements. By getting them from GNC via the mileage mall, he could receive 8 miles per dollar spent or 1,600 miles per month. That’s 19,200 miles per year for stuff he buys already. You only need 25,000 miles for a domestic roundtrip award ticket. You can even buy gift cards via the mileage mall. So, when birthdays and Christmas roll around, order your gift cards via the airline portal and get rewarded with more miles. This is a quick way to add serious miles to your account.

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Here are links to airline mileage shopping malls, so sign up now and thank me later.

American Airlines

US Airways


United Airlines

British Airways


Virgin America

Hawaiian Airlines

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