Big Feet and Becoming The Marathon Man

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The shoes that started it all!!!

I’ve always kinda, sorta, but not really wanted to run a marathon. I much prefer picking up heavy things (me, dead-lifting 400lbs) and impersonating Hulk Hogan. However, running a marathon is one of those things that’s been sitting around on my bucket list for a long time. Mostly because I hate running!

Unless I’m playing basketball (my favorite sport) or trying to escape from someone scary, I much prefer walking to running. And the above examples involve short sprints, NOT sustained running. Running long distance, yech!!! Booooooring. I’d rather go see the dentist. What am I saying? I actually love my dentist. She’s awesome. But I digress. Let’s get back to the matter at hand.

Strangely enough, my desire to run a marathon has now reached a palpable level and it’s all because of the shoes. It started innocently enough. I was in Tokyo enjoying the delicious street food when the torrential rains completely soaked through my favorite leather boots.

The Boots After They Dried Off

Since I didn’t pack any other shoes, my hand was forced. I would have to buy new shoes, hence, my trip to the Harajuku Nike store. I am not a Nike fanatic, even though I went to the University of Oregon. No, I chose this place because I have big feet. You know what they say about people with big feet…big shoes. I knew the Nike store would carry big shoes. Normal shoe stores in Japan rarely, if ever have my size. Trust me, I’ve tried. There are other things that are hard to find in larger sizes, but again, I digress.

Little did I know, I would end up with a funky, futuristic-looking pair of running shoes. I intended to buy some high tops and I tried, but these damn running shoes were too light and too comfortable and too futuristic to pass up.

That’s when things got weird. The running shoes started talking to me. At first, the voices were just quiet whispers. “Pssssst.  Don’t you feel like running when you put us on? Take us for a quick spin. You know it’ll feel good,” and “Damn we look good on your feet. Chicks dig running shoes.  Once you put us on, you’ll never want to stop running.”


Gradually the voices grew louder and louder until I could hear them from the closet. “Hey Algis, isn’t it time you run that marathon? What are you waiting for? You’ll look sexy running a marathon.  ALL the women will think so. C’mon, just this one little marathon.”

When did Nike invent telepathic shoes? This was some powerful shit these Nikes were putting down!

Soon I realized the only way to quiet the voices would be to go ahead and run a marathon. So starting tomorrow, I will begin training.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

What have the voices in your head been telling you to do that you’ve been ignoring for too long?

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