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The shoes that started it all!!!

I’ve always kinda, sorta, but not really wanted to run a marathon. I much prefer picking up heavy things (me, dead-lifting 400lbs) and impersonating Hulk Hogan. However, running a marathon is one of those things that’s been sitting around on my bucket list for a long time. Mostly because I hate running!

Unless I’m

Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich (Photo: Adrienne Lusby)

It’s no secret. I love to eat. In fact, one of the things I most enjoy about travel is the opportunity to eat local food. And it’s no different when I’m in my hometown of Los Angeles. So, what did I do over President’s Day weekend? I ate. A lot.

Warning: This post is liable to make you very hungry. If up close, in-your-face photos of delicious foods cause you to salivate uncontrollably then you just might better stop reading now or else…

Mercury's Winged Foot
Mercury’s Winged Foot

You’re in a new country, you’ve got your camera, there’s stuff everywhere. Now it’s time to capture some photos that your friends will enjoy seeing. Don’t screw it up. Here are some quick tips to help with that:

Barbie Cakes
Barbie Cakes (Haarlem, Holland)

Valentine’s Day is upon us and there’s nothing more romantic than taking a flight with your sweetie. However, booking a flight is no simple task.  These days, there’s a plethora of airfare search engines that can find and compare fares for you, each one promising

Insane Hair
Awesome Hairstyles

Day 3 – Shop ‘til You Drop, But Don’t Miss Your Flight

8 am – Harajuku. Mention Harajuku and people instantly think of harajuku girls and Gwen Stefani’s song which introduced them to the world. Well today you will have the option of getting photos of the girls who dress in all the outrageous clothing, before you check out the freshest fashions Tokyo has to offer. The best day to see

Hi, I’m Algis


I have an insatiable wanderlust which takes me to some crazy places where I try strange foods, pretend I'm a local and talk with elephants. Keep reading...

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