How Eating at Your Favorite Restaurants Can Help You Earn Free Flights

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Airline mileage dining programs are a great way to earn extra miles for your upcoming travel. Let me break this down for you.

  • It is FREE to sign up and only takes a few minutes online to do so
  • You don’t need a miles credit card to sign up. You can link ANY credit cheap nba jerseys or debit card to a mileage dining program
  • Most programs give you a sign up bonus of 500 miles (Alaska Airlines) or 1000 miles (American Airlines) after your first dining experience wholesale nba jerseys at a partner restaurant of over $25. That’s in addition to what you earn for eating at that restaurant.
  • When you dine at participating restaurants, bars and clubs, you receive 3-5 miles per dollar spent, depending on your status level, which is determined by how many times you’ve dined at participating restaurants. For example, in the Alaska Airlines program, it takes 12 dines to reach the 5 mile per dollar level.
  • They often run special promotions that increase the number of miles you can earn. In June of 2010 the promotion was for double miles on Mon, Tues. and Wed. dines if you then filled out a quick online questionnaire within 30 days of dining at the restaurant. dan So depending on your status that’s 6-10 miles per dollar spent.
  • Before you assume that only lame restaurants participate in these programs let me assure you that is not the case. As a not so random example, let’s suppose you are living/staying in/visiting Started the Sunset Junction area of Los Angeles (90026 zip code), you will find The Dresden Restaurant (a hipster institution), Rambutan Thai (an upscale Thai spot), Gobi Mongolian BBQ, Koda Sushi, Pazzo Gelato and even El Pollo Loco all cheap jerseys from China within walking distance of Sunset and Lucille.
  • I understand that if you are in smaller cities that the list of participating places can be considerably smaller, but it’s still worth cheap mlb jerseys signing up, as you are likely to travel to cities that have participating restaurants. On my recent visit to D.C., I accidentally ate at two participating restaurants and only found out when I saw my monthly miles reward statement. It’s cool to get extra miles for going to places that you would normally go to anyway!
  • You earn miles on your entire bill: Food, drinks, tax and tip.
  • There are restaurants, bars and clubs. Who knew having some drinks at one of your local spots could earn so many miles so quickly.
  • Also, you don’t need to inform the server or present a membership card or theme? anything cheesy like that. The program is linked to the credit/debit card of your choice, so no brownie one knows you are getting all those bonus miles but you.
  • Since it’s free to join, you can join multiple programs if you want but beware, you can only register a card for one program at a time. They don’t let you double dip! This is Thing easy to get around though. Just register one credit card with United and a different card with American (Just an example. Choose the programs that work best for you).

To help you get started, here are the links to the major airline dining programs:

Alaska Airlines –
American Airlines –
Delta Airlines –
Midwest Airlines –
Southwest Airlines –
United Airlines –
US Airways –

So while your friends are discussing politics you can be thinking about the Tahitian beach you will soon be luxuriating on with all the airline miles you are earning from choosing this bar instead of the one next door.

IMPORTANT – You must be a member of an airlines frequent flyer mileage program before you can join their mileage dining program. This is free and cheap mlb jerseys easy to do also.

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  1. Thank you Algis. The information is really helpful. We are going to eat our way all over the world.

    1. Gary, I too am eating my way around the world, both figuratively and literally. Also, I found some places on the AAdvantage dining program here in St. Louis on my way to Thailand and have already been to one of them.

  2. For people in the Silverlake area, the American Airlines miles program also added Home (the restaurant on Riverside Dr.) to the list!

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