100 Thing Challenge

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One Hundred by Lorelei

I’ve been challenged and I’ve accepted!

Stand back, or get in line people, I am parting with all my worldly possessions save the 100 things wholesale nfl jerseys I simply cannot function without. Does that include my Snoopy blanket? Hmmm…I can see this will be tough.

The 100 Thing Challenge was created by Dave Bruno. He decided to downsize to 100 items and live that way for a year.

I wholesale nba jerseys admit 100 things is an arbitrary number, but since the original challenge was created around that number, I will stick with it. I think the benefit is in assessing what you have vs. what you truly need.

I have tons of things and many of them have sentimental value. However, I don’t have nearly as much stuff as some people. For example, I don’t own a car, or a home.

I’m not sure how long it will take me to get down to 100. I travel A LOT, as you may have guessed, and it’s entirely possible I won’t be in Los Angeles (my hometown and home base) for more than a few weeks over the next 6 months so it will be interesting cheap mlb jerseys to see how quickly I can shed my possessions.

Regardless, let’s get started.

The ground rules:

1.)  I am going to cheap jerseys count collections of stuff as 1 thing. This means if I have 20 books, then that is one thing. A box of photos is, again, one thing. My toiletries kit, one thing. You get the idea. (I don’t have a 100 DVD collection or any such thing, 2011年度合格速報!! so this is just to keep things simple. Not to circumvent the intent of the challenge).

2.)  If I am living in an apartment or house for some time and it needs furnishing then furniture and kitchen cookware and utensils will not N?ng count.

3.)  Basically the cheap mlb jerseys 100 items will be personal items. For example, my watch, my computer (including all cords), my favorite hulk underwear. You know, normal stuff that all normal people own and Significant count as their normal stuff.

Well, that’s it for now. I will keep than you posted on my progress as things develop.

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